Single Cask

March — September 2017

Creative concept, packaging design, key visual & mood shots

Brand manager: Irina Mekhuzla
Creative director: Igor Borisenko
Account manager: Alana Tsomartova
Photo: Platon Shilikov
Digital retouch: Ivan Smirnov
ARARAT Single Cask is a limited edition spirit of the Yerevan Brandy Company. The characteristic flavor of the product obtained from one cask without any assemblage is the end result of the unique terroir of the Tavush region in Northern Armenia.

Each bottle of the limited edition ARARAT Single Cask has been hand-marked with a unique number designating the cask in which it was kept.

Through a process of blind tasting, the master blender selected spirits from three casks, which are particularly versatile, refined, and complete.

Those spirits, in their pure form, without assemblage, comprise the limited edition ARARAT Single Cask. For maximum preservation of its unique organoleptic properties, ARARAT Single Cask had not been put through chill filtration, while its strength had only been reduced to 57% (114 proof).

ARARAT Single Cask has a strong, multifaceted, and rich taste. Its unique character manifests itself in deep woody and smoky notes with soft hints of vanilla and spicy cinnamon. For a more vivid, flavorful experience, we recommend tasting in a chilled glass.

Main idea of key visual and supporting mood shots was to place the product inside the cask, as a metaphor of not blended, millésime brandy. All shots were made without any CG with real props.

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