June 2020 - March 2021

Creative concept, art direction, packaging

The Armenian way of making coffee is praised throughout the world. The coffee culture in the country is unlike anywhere else; it is a ritual, a national tradition. Nothing accompanies a pleasant conversation better than a good cup of aromatic coffee. And nothing complements coffee quite like the Armenian brandy.

ARARAT with the taste of Coffee is a fresh take on this tradition, the familiar taste of two drinks in a new blend. In this spirit, we have united the legendary Armenian brandy ARARAT with the beloved taste of coffee. A modern classic is thus born! ARARAT Coffee reveals a rich aroma with notes of brandy and roasted coffee beans, complemented by a full, velvety taste and a warming coffee finish.

© 2018 Igor Borisenko ✔️Art direction ✔️ Branding ✔️Packaging design